Partner Page

Partner Page

 Vita Safety is a consultancy specializing in Enterprise 9-1-1. Vita’s services are NO CHARGE TO YOU. We provide client discovery, gap analysis, and a roadmap to compliance. Vendor discovery and final vendor selection are specifically tailored to your communication environment. Vita Safety has partner relationships with the leading enterprise emergency response/delivery software and service providers in the industry. 

Choose with confidence, with the assistance of Vita Safety Partners, your Subject Matter Experts in Enterprise 9-1-1!  The vital Professional Services we offer are provided by our Partners directly. You no longer need to allocate funds for information and support on one of the most important safety applications for your organization! We’ve worked with a Michigan healthcare provider with 11,000 voice endpoints, a Texas agency with over 60,000 voice endpoints, a school district with 1,100 endpoints and many more private and public organizations!

If you haven’t addressed the FCC requirements with an Enterprise 911 solution, we need to talk. Already have an application in place. Please reach out to us as well…the new regulations might place your existing E9-1-1 application out of compliance! To learn more about our Consultancy and how we can help your organization. Let’s get a meeting on the calendar, click here.

Let’s solve your emergency response challenges together.

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