Download Presentation Slides from September 30th, 2020 Webinar

Download Presentation Slides from September 30th, 2020 Webinar

NG/E-911 Recent Laws

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Diverging Feature Sets Confound Comparison

When you take a look at different 911 and safety solution vendors, it can be difficult to compare the proposed solutions and know which is best for your organization when there is little apparent feature parity.

Our vendor-neutral guidance throughout the evaluation process provides a comparison framework to make sense of diverging feature sets and understand their impact on your own network architecture.

Distinguishing Needs from Wants is Complex

Determining the value of various capabilities can be challenging; how do you weigh the benefit of features you need versus the nice-to-haves? We help you determine the difference between the two, and work with you to establish RFP requirements and objective evaluation criteria.

We can also project manage the entire process to ensure your evaluation process delivers clarity rather than additional confusion.

Discerning Promises from Performance is Difficult

When you evaluate different vendors, looking exclusively at their marketing materials for guidance doesn’t provide deep insight into real-world solution performance. With years of experience working with different platform and solution vendors, our team provides perspectives on efficacy in a variety of contexts to help you discern which solutions might perform better than others within your environment.

Stalled Implementation Amplifies Costs and Liability

Without proper project management, the implementation of your Emergency Response platform can easily fall behind due to project scope creep, mismatched resource allocation and improper execution of the project plan.

We help you to create the implementation plan and execute the plan with achievable and timely milestones.

Let’s solve your emergency response challenges together.

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