Webinar Q&A

October 2020

E9-1-1 vs NG9-1-1 as critical communication in an emergency.
Enterprise 911, regulatory requirements, and what it all really means!

We thought the questions from our audience were great! So, we wanted to share with you the answers from our knowledgeable key-note speakers.

Answers to your questions…

Question 1

“How does RAY BAUM’s ACT apply to non-IP enabled Systems?”

Question 2

“If BAUM act can’t be deployed without significant financing, doesn’t that fall back on basic Kari’s law?”https://vitasafetypartners.com/1st_question_10-28-2020/

Question 3

Joseph Fischetti, Lincoln Laboratory -MIT
“Is there a central list of PSAPS upgraded to NG911?”

Question 4

Ed Olepa, Quicken Loans
“[…]Is there progress being made so that a 3rd party PBX is not needed for 911 calls from a WebRTC softphone?” 

Question 5

Trevor Parker, Bandwidth
“What are your thoughts on SMS as it pertains to emergency calling? I have seen a few PSAPs are enabling this as an option to reach 911 services and curious everyone’s opinion on SMS for e911?”

Question 6

Paul Sensel, UC Health
“How do I manage wireless DECT phones that show 1 IP address from a Master Base Station, specifically Ascom?  Is there a solution that can determine location and report it?”

Question 7

William Wilhelm, John Carrol University
“Is on-site notification a requirement of either Kari’s law, or RAY BAUM’s act?”

Do you have questions? 

Please reach out so we can get your questions answered or at least point you in the right direction!

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